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Marta Sternai

Director Lifestyle

Marta is a long-standing professional. She entered the communications agency world straight after graduation and found a fitting environment for her versatility and desire to experiment. Managing media relations is her prevalent activity. In over twenty years of career, she oversaw communications projects in different business sectors, working for medium businesses and bigger multinational companies: Henkel, Loewe, LEGO, QVC, Oregon Scientific, Giochi Uniti, GranMilano, Copat, Rosenthal and Wedgwood.
Recently she mastered the management techniques necessary for digital PR, which today takes up most of her time.
Marta attended the second Public Relations course at IULM in Milan, where she appreciated exactly how much PR is her thing, and how she would always have a hard time explaining her job to other people. She has two teenage daughters, the best source of information to understand new trends and catch on clients’ needs.